During Eurokarst 2024, the first day (Monday, June 10th) will be dedicated exclusively to the pre-conference courses.

Two different courses are offered:

Challenges and Solutions of Numeric Groundwater Modeling in Karst using Groundwater Vistas and Connected Linear Networks (CLNs)

Teacher: Neven Kresic (Independent Groundwater Consultant)

Duration: 6 hours

Transport karst modelling approaches in the saturated and unsaturated zone”

Teacher: Andreas Hartmann and Gabriele Chiogna (Dresden Technical University)

Duration: 6 hours

Closing session (after each course closure, open to all participants)

MOFLOW CFP, its implementation in Python CFPy and its coupling to PyKasso

Teacher: Thomas Reimann (Dresden Technical University)

Duration: 2 hours

For each course, at least 10 registrations are required.

The reserve criteria will be in order of inscription

Course fee: To be defined (includes coffee breaks and lunches).

More information in the course brochure (to be published)