The technical program is still being updated because of some late cancellations and requests from participants (converging but not yet final !). Please have a look at the current versions below and let us know if you spot some problems. Future changes should be minor.

Oral presentations

Technical Program (updated September 1st, 2016)

Note that the speaker for each talk is indicated on the pdf by underlining her or his name. If the speaker is a student, the name is followed by a star indicating that she or he is a potential candidate for the Young Karst Researcher Prize awarded by the IAH karst commission.

Poster presentations

Poster Program (updated August 30th 2016)

It includes about 60 communications. As you will see in the oral and poster programs, a very brief presentation is scheduled within the plenary session for each poster. Authors of posters are kindly requested to prepare a slide and brief talk explaining the aim of their work and what they will show in their poster.

Public conference

A public conference has been organized as well for the first evening. More details in the link below.

Public conference announcement