Last news:

  • The Eurokarst book published by Springer is printed and available, each participants should receive soon his personal copy
  • photos from the Eurokarst 2016 conference are now online
  • EuroKarst 2018 will be held in Besançon in June 2018 (more information will come soon on this web site)

What is Eurokarst?

EuroKarst offers a platform for professional exchanges between field practictionners and academic researchers.

It is the European bi-annual conference  on the Hydrogeology of Karst and Carbonate Reservoirs. It is organized every two years by the Universities of  Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Besançon (France), and Malaga (Spain).

The last issue of the EuroKarst conference has been held in the University of Neuchâtel from the 5th to the 7th of September 2016, and has been followed by two days of field trips. The conference has been the place of the official meeting of the Karst Commission of the International Association of Hydrogeology in 2016.