• Duration: 12 min plus 3 min for discussion (total 15 min).
  • Slides preparation: there is not a template but next points need to be respected.
  • Software: PowerPoint (Office-Windows) is preferable software.
  • Slide dimension: 16:9 slide format is preferable.
  • File dimension: max 25 Mb.
  • First slide: add logo of Eurokarst conference in attachment.
  • File name:  Use the name of the speaker and the abstract code assigned by the platform, as follow:  Surname_xxxxxx (surname of the corresponding author_six figures of the your abstract reported after writing  sciencesconf.org:eurokarst2024:xxxxxx).

Email address to deliver your presentation:  eurokarst2024.dst@uniroma1.it

Deadline to send the presentation file: 5th June 2024.   



  • Posters can be positioned starting from June 10th in the exhibition room.
  • See in the program the number of your poster, which must be located in correspondance with the assigned number,
  • Poster dimension (vertical position): height 100 cm, length 70 cm.
  • Add the logo of Eurokarst conference in attachment in the upper zone of the poster. 
  • Attack aids will be provided on site.