Congress field trip

Three field trips will be organized on Friday June 14th, with departure and arrival in Rome, Sapienza University. At this preliminary stage, we ensure 50 seats for each field trip. Only in case of overbooking (more than 150 registered people), a second bus will be activated only for one of the field trips, without possibility of selection by the participants. You are invited to book your seat for your selected field trip during the registration procedure.

Field Trip A: The Ferrarelle Mineral Bottle Plant and Cassino Spring.

It includes a visit to the Ferrarelle Mineral Bottle Plant and its natural sparking springs and wells, with high and spectacular CO2 concentration. The natural park of the plant is ensuring the protection of groundwater resources, results from a mixing of volcanic and fractured carbonate aquifers. After lunch, a visit to the Cassino Spring, with a steady discharge of 18 m3/s, focuses on its peculiar tappings systems for drinking purposes .

Field Trip B: The Matese karst massif and its springs

It focuses on the main karst features as extraordinary distribution of dolines of Montepugliano relief, wide endorheic areas, basal karst springs of Grassano Park, included thermal springs of Telese Terme.

Field Trip C: The Velino Valley and the hydrodiversity of San Vittorino Spring area

On northeast boundary of Lazio Region, a major concentration of natural springs in San Vittorino plain is reaching about 30 m3/s, in a peculiar geological/structural system which allows the natural mixing of groundwater coming from surrounding karst aquifers with deep fluids rising. The visit includes the tapping system of Peschiera Springs, feeding with its aqueduct about 75 km long, the city of Rome.