The conference covers all topics related to Karst Hydrogeology and Carbonate Reservoirs. In particular, we welcome submissions related to:

  • Flow and solute transport in karst (observations and models, karst interactions with stream, epikarst, unsaturated and saturated zone)
  • Innovative metrology (karst geometry, flow rate, temperature, chemistry, tracers, geophysics)
  • Modelling (from simple to complex approaches, and from theory to applications)
  • Speleogenesis and its physico-chemistry (experimental as well as modeling studies)
  • Geology and petrophysics of carbonate reservoirs (geological heterogeneity, fracturation)
  • Deep reservoir exploration and production (geothermics, CO2 storage, oil)
  • Water management and protection in karst environments (both case studies and new methodologies)
  • Mines, tunnels and engineering infrastructure (technical, environmental aspects and risk)
  • Urban management of risks related to karst (floods, collapse/subsidence)
  • Contaminant migration and chemical behavior, polluted sites management on karst
  • Carbonates, CO2 cycle and climate change

The list is not exhaustive.